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Scratch Built Carbon Fiber 360 Video Camera Platform

Maiden flight of our beta carbon fiber prototype. It is a flying 360 video camera platform. After 13 months of development, I am proud to say the design is patent-pending & I hope to make it available soon.

360 video will be posted soon.

Many thanks to Darkback2 from this wonderful forum for piloting the craft! Also many thanks to those who answered my occasional n00b questions. Please like, subscribe & share with your friends. More videos & info to come.

The craft is currently carrying 7 GoPro Hero Session cameras. It has enough power to carry 7 of whatever cameras are currently shooting 360 video (Hero 5, Yi, etc).

AUW with this load is 3651g or just over 8lbs. Very heavy! The carbon fiber isn't for looks only.

Not sure why I can't rotate this pic but here you go.

Beta Bird.jpg



Skill Collector
That's a beast! Do you have any sample videos posted? Will you bring it to Flite Fest and film our streamer combats?
360 video? Almost! It has been shot but my buddy is building the pc to edit them. I have seen the stitched video without all the post production tweaks & it looks great. I'm thinking the first 360 video should be done in a week or so.

I will be posting the fpv from camera 1 in the next couple days.