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Scratch Built Fokker Dr1 Tri-plane

Started out with a random 3 view drawing from the internet and wanted to build a fun relaxing plane to fly at the clubs recent event Warbirds for Warriors, supporting a local veterans home..

My teen aged nephew suggested i build a flite-test warbird and so i was challenged to build something in two days and fly the last day of the event... well here is the v1.0..

All fairness this was my second build out of foam-board as a air-boat was my first.. i normally build and fly balsa and the occasional composites (everything from gliders to turbines), so i told him if it makes it in the air for at least 10 seconds ill be happy... first flight was a total fail... i didn't realize the power of the under-cambered wings and why the artist used a lot of incidence in the horizontal stab... (me being an aircraft mechanic thought it was a total error on there part... i was wrong) the flight lasted 3 seconds of hovering on the prop and trying to crash gently...

i knew my CG was correct (thanks too studying balsa usa plans for all of 5 min and saying "see that is where the sweet spot is", so i pulled out the cellphone and googled while i was waiting on the hot-melt glue to get ready... when a guy walked up said "yep.. what i thought.. tail incidence is wrong". once the photos loaded of the full scale and brief photo session of his giant scale dr1 i borrowed a x-acto and changed the tail angle.. Low and behold my first true scratch build actually rolled 2 feet and was airborne... (added some lead just to be sure).

Hopefully in a few day when I am off work ill build a v2.0 as i didn't take any build pics because i didn't think the prototype would survive but i have the final results...

components used:
eflite park 480 1020kv
orange rx 6ch dsmx
hanger9 pro lite 3.25" wheels
tower hobbies/rc gear shop winking servos Tower Stock# LXENPY
hobbyking 12x5 apc style prop
eflite 40amp esc
3 cell 2200 lipo 35c
(and a snoopy squeeky toy from my dog scooter)


Thanks guys with over a 36" top wing it has a unique (and draggy) presence in the air. I have a few things I hope to correct in a second build... one being the cartoonish cowl size and extending the nose from the middle wing about a inch more so lighter batteries (1800mah) could also be used.. that and I can put snoopy back in for a ride.. and I found that the packing tape sticks much better to foam board before it's painted....