Scratch Built Wing Video - Flown at FF Texas!

Mark Miner

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Hello to the wonderful flite test community! A couple of Malvern's under my belt and a blast at Rockdale!!!

I flew a couple of wings at FF Texas for almost the entire event. I just put battery after battery through them! It is a scratch built wing that you can build on a Saturday or a couple of evenings. I have made an entire build video on how to build this wing from scratch. It is easy to follow along and there are some good tips and tricks for long term successful flying. (Like make a template and save it...) I have made this wing as an FPV wing, as a INAV wing and as a fast aerobatic wing. There are links below to the build teaser, the INAV plane and finally the full build video! I love to teach and help in any way I can and will answer questions quickly. Please enjoy and build this plane!

As built this plane will fly almost 15 minutes if you putter around and will fly 80 MPH and crazy acrobatic for a little over 5 minutes (My preferred method :) )

Mark Miner

Teaser for the build!

The same wing build with INAV on it. Manual mode at first then smooth INAV flight. Features an autolaunch.

Full Build video. Please fell free to ask questions in the comments section.