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Scratchbuild: Micro Drone V3


Junior Member

Few moth ago, I build one of my first scratch build ones!
The micro drone V3 from rctestflight.
So the here are the specs:

WingSpan: 27 inches
Ailerons and elevator, no rudder (not really necessary)
Blue Wonder 1500kv with 7x4 prop( warm)
20amp esc
2x6g servo for ailerons
1x9g servo for elevator
6ch OrangeRX
Spektrum DX6I
Made from 1/2 inch foam and 5mm depron

This is the video that I made:

Does rolls, loops and thats it
You could use it for short range fpv :)


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
haha same for. I wouldn´t dare flying there at all unless its a 3D plane I can FULLY control!

Anyway nice build.
I bet on a larger scale it would be good for FPV. But then rather with rudder control to make some flater turns and not bank and yank like.