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Scratchbuilt Simple Delta


Junior Member
After doing quite a bit of research i realised how cheap it can be to scratchbuild planes from foam board. For my first build, i wanted something simple and quick to build, that would fit easily on the back seat of the car and would fly nice and slowly in my back yard or local park. I found the Simple Delta and plans on RCgroups (Thread by Dekan) and it ticked all the boxes.

It cost me about $5 worth of Depron and $25 worth of electronics. This is about as simple as profile planes get, its essentially a 3 channel job (throttle and elevons) and should only take about 3 or 4 hours to build. It weighs 210 grams AUW with a 2S 850mah Nanotech and gives me over 10 minutes flight time.

I highly recommend this plane to anyone looking to get into scratchbuilding, its really easy to build and flies like a dream. It would also be a good option for someone who is looking for a trainer to learn how to fly with elevons. I have been flying mine mostly on 2S as with the 1700, its still quite nippy and the lighter pack makes it easier to fly slowly.



6mm Depron
580mm (22")wingspan
450mm (17") total length
Motor - Blue wonder 26g 1700KV
ESC - Turnigy plush 12A
Lipos - Nano tech 2 and 3S 850 mah
Servos - HXT 500's
Prop - APC 8 x 3.8 SF

Heres some pics of the build

and some of it finished

and some videos

Slow flying

Just flying