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Screen Name - Why? Meaning? Background?


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Here is mine...
Last Name, and initials followed by Flyer. Boring, I know, but I was never involved with any online forums or social media. FliteTest was the first. When I created the YouTube channel, used Hillda and Flyer as last name. At the time I didn't realize that web searches would use "Hilda" instead, so searching can be misleading.:(
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Mine is my gamer tag from the 90's. I have had this user name for so long that if you Google it the whole first page of Google is me! People pay big money for that, but I got it for free since my user name is so old...


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hehe Mine sounds like one of those feel sorry for someone charity commercials so don'y feel bad Sean. It came about after getting hurt at work. Some of the injuries were not correctable so other methods to make life livable have been done. To be honest I don't really know why I am about to write this all out.

Heres the list so far...

Rightt shoulder sewn back together after it ground the front part of the rotator cuff into what looked like a cotton ball because the insurance company kept changing what the doctors wanted to see in regards to where my pain was. That took 8 years to finally get done. When they did the surgery the video they took looked exactly like someone tieing a fly hook for fishing.

Then we get to the injuries in my back and neck that have been aggravated over all that time by being forced into "Physical Therapy" instead of actually repairing the damage. So after the shoulder was fixed the PT aggravated my neck injuries enough where my arms were going numb and not working as they should. So that ended in a fusion done. This is why I really don't fly planes as looking up is much harder and painful to do more then looking straight ahead with goggles to fly quads. There are two places still with problems but the doctors don't want to mess around the areas they are in unless I start losing functions like walking because of them.

That concludes the "Borg" part of the name. The "Cy" part comes from an electrical simulator (modified TENS unit) surgically implanted in my shoulder with the leads running thru a plastic tube from it , up my neck to where the probes have been placed across the base of my skull. This was done because the amount of oxycontin I was taking to lessen the now permanent migraines from the neck injuries was destroying my innards not to mention the psychological effects of long term heavy use. It works well enough that I get by without massive doses of pain killers. There is still a lot of pain and I still have all the symptoms of a migraine but the pain is no where near where it was without it. Its funny people will sometimes ask why I am crying because my eyes are watering so much. I think if it were possible I would get lcd's put in their place as its actually less painful looking thru goggles then normal vision because I can change settings anytime I need.

The "Cy" part was exchanged to "Psy" to compensate for the mental damage between the medications, the mental stress of the injuries and the pure hell the insurance companies put you thru with serious injuries if you are dumb enough to try and recover from them and not go straight to the sue everyone route. So I give this advise if you are ever seriously hurt. Sue everyone from the people causing the injuries right down to the squirrel in the tree watching it all happen. That way you can get the proper medical in a timely manor and not go thru that incredibly broken scam that is insurance.

So if I come across as not right at times this is why. I try not to inflict myself on others but that does not always work.

To quote a really loud rockin tune

Mine is also pretty straightforward. I love the F-106! My dad was a maintainer on it in the 87th FIS and worked on the radar and weapons. I grew up hearing his stories about it all the time, and gained a lot of respect for that airplane. Still the fastest single engine jet to this day, with many other technologies that were far ahead of its time.


I taught Earth Science when I joined the forum. I haven't taught Earth Science in over 4 years. Actually, I think I joined wattflyer with that username and just carried it over on here.


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I have no creativity so i used my first initial and last name combined with 750 from 2 of my favorite motorcycles that I owned.
The Kawasaki ZX-7 which had a displacement of 750 cc's.




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Mine is a breton word (Brittany language) that means worm.
At the beginning it was buzuc bleo barachouket that could be translated to legless blind worm :D
Bit Ogre was the name of a Live Action Role Playing (LARP) game character I was assigned for a home brew game that was based on the book "Snow Crash". The idea behind the name is a elite computer hacker that is a effective ogre over the computer bits of the cyber world. As I am a computer programmer, I liked the handle and have decided to use it outside that game (which is fully supported by my friends who came up with the character).
Screen Name

My Grand niece coined me Yoopy when she was younger.
Since my first name is Allan, the family tried to teach my grand niece to call me Alley Oop, or Yoopy to someone learning to talk. It stuck and now she doesn't know my real name.