Second Hand Flyzone Select Super Cub newbie motor/esc question


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First of all- thank you to whoever helps me find my issue. I am new to flight (less than 2 months) and even newer to planes (less than 24 hours) and don't have friends local to ask for help.

I shot a quick video of the issue for those of you visual people like myself:

TLDW- my new to me cub is bound with my Taranis and servos are working fine. Motor and ESC won't spin up. Makes multiple chirps when throttled up.

I've read forum posts and tried multiple things to no avail. Things I've tried to try:
0. Confirmed motor can spin without binding
1. Confirmed ESC is plugged in properly to receiver (frsky X8R)
2. Battery is charged and working well
3. Motor and esc are connected to each other
4. Reversing throttle doesn't solve
5. Tried setting throttle endpoints- I think (see video)

So is my motor/ esc spent? The chirping and slight torque on the motor leads me to believe they want to work, but maybe it's my lack of understanding my transmitter?

If so can someone point me in the right direction to a new motor/esc or both to replace?
Here's the product page if it's helpful to any of this: