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second plane what should i choose ?

Hi all.

i got to the point that i need to choose my second plane.
my first one is apprentice s 15e . i have it for allmost a half a year and i decided that this is the time to buy a new one.
i dont have a "good hands" so i am looking for BNF plane .
i look and found 3 models that i like:
1.T-28 Trojan 1.2m BNF
2.E-flite Cirrus SR-22T BNF
3.E-flite Commander mPd 1.4m BNF

i will be more than happy to hear your comment about thus plane , or suggestion to anther plane that is batter?



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I have flown an older version of the Trojan, it flew very well. I don't think you will be unhappy with any of the 3.

Unless you are flying off of grass. If you are flying off grass, then I would recommend a plane without wheal pants or retracts.
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All three planes you listed have a low wing, the flight characteristics of them vs the high wing trainer will be different. You can expect a faster, more responsive and “sportier” feel out of them. Airfoil shape will have an impact on how different each one will be.
I would also consider the Timber, it’s got lots of features like flaps, high deflection controls (if you want them) and has the benefit of rugged undercarriage. It can fly like a trainer with extras or on 4s with all the controls opened up its a full 3d acrobatic monster!
If you are looking to fly warbirds the Trojan is usually considered a good bridge to more scale warbird flying as well as being a lot of fun to fly.
I would second the Timber. I have yet to fly mine but will likely maiden this weekend. Have flown a friends. Also put a *ton* of research into it before choosing it myself. You seem to like bigger planes, but want more performance. You should look at either the Timber X or the Timber Turbo and ignore the original. The original is great and all, and I was tempted by it, but the X is the 1.2m 3D version and fastest, and the Turbo 1.5m has most of the upgraded internals of the X on a frame more or less the same as the bigger original with a stylish nose cone. All planes feature flaps, lights, STOL ability, Floats (optional purchase for X, included for others) and fully interchangeable parts across the line (including the X to the others and back). 3 and 4 cell bats, 50A ESC.

As for the ones you listed, T28. Warbird for the win, and a pretty one to boot. Plus, its and actual trainer to boot. Let it suit its role and train you on fast planes ;)