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See-thru Glass Quadcopter!


Junior Member
Decades ago, I watched TV show "Wonder Woman" who flew a 'glass-airplane."
Well, here's my see-thru acrylic-glass quad. :D
The frames, arms and landing-gears made with acrylic-glass.
Maiden flight this morning with KK2.1 board(soon to be replaced with Naze32), and it flew well!
The props were not balanced so I expect more stable flight tomorrow. Will mount 1.3Ghz video transmitter soon.


-14" arms
-15" frame top/bottom
-RCtime 1000kv motors
-HobbyKing 30a ESC
-Gemfam 10" props
-KK2.1 board
-FrSky D8R-XP receiver
-Mobius camera
-Lumenier TVL 600 fpv cam
-2200mah LiPo


Gravity Tester
I applaud you for building a quad frame out of something besides the ordinary wood, CF, or aluminum. I myself have an attraction to building things out of Plexiglass for that clear look. What would be really cool is to mount LEDs pointing into the acrylic instead of outward. The acrylic will diffuse the light throughout the entire frame, highlighting it in the night sky.


Junior Member
Thanks snarles!
Yes, my next steps include adding LEDs to diffuse the lights.
I can't decide what configuration and which colors to use.