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Offer Selling Lots of Things Before College (Updated List)

Bando FPV

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How much for 2 power pack B’s?
The price will depend on whether or not you would like to buy accessories with your power packs (the accessory package includes: servo extensions, y harness, and linkage stoppers). Let me know so I can give you a price ;).
Hey guys,

It's been a while since I last posted here but I'm moving to college this summer and still have a bunch of new and used electronics and parts from my drones and RC builds.

I have tons of that cardboard colored FT foam board, FT gluesticks, and pretty much any type of power pack available (some used and some new). I have lots of servos and three RX6R receivers (6 channel WITH SBUS capablilty for taranis) and MLVSS lipo voltage sensors. I'm down to sell my planes and drones too. If your into raspberry pi's and arduinos I have a bunch of new and used ones too. I have A TON of props too especially the 10 x 4.5 ones. I have like three lipo chargers, lots of lead weights, and old flight controllers too. I have an old versacopter frame and an old carbon fiber david tricopter. I also have 2 brand new X8R receivers also for taranis.

I won't post any images yet (cuz that would take days) but if there is anything you want I probably will have it so just ask and I can take a picture of it before I sell it.

I currently live in the Bay Area so we can meet for convenience.

UPDATE (4/13): I just added a few more things to the list of parts. Always find more goodies :LOL:.

WHATS FOR SALE (Deleted Sold Items 5/27):

x50 FT Foam Board
x3 FT Glue Stick 10 Pack
x6 Power Pack B
x1 Power Pack D
x1 FatShark Teleporter V3 FPV Goggles
x1 Pre-built QAV-ULX
x1 Pre-built Rotor Riot CL1
x8 HQ Durable Prop 5x4.3x3V1S (2CW+2CCW)
x6 8x4.5 Slow Fly Props (2 pack)
x2 10x4.5 props CCW (2 pack)
x1 10x5 props CCW (2 pack)
x3 10x4.5 props CW (2 pack)
7x 6x3 props (2 pack)
x3 6x4.5 props (2 pack)
x6 1300mAh 65C 4cell
x2 2200mah 20-30C 3cell
x3 3300 mah 3cell 60C batteries
x1 Taranis Rechargable battery (LiFe)
x2 RPI 4 with SD Card, case, and power supply
Lots of Model Rocket Motors

Feel free to ask me about the condition of these items because some are brand new while others are used.
whats the power pack d? also, if you find something like the h- pack electronics I might buy that.

Bando FPV

Active member
what electronics does it have. looking for using it maybe in a four motor airplane or a vtol??
It uses the Multistar 2212-920 motors with a 20 or 30 amp esc I don't exactly remember but its enough for a 8-10inch prop. I actually used it for my old VTOL so hopefully you can use it for yours. Let me know if interested!