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Sending camera and equipment to space


Minnesota Flyer
hey forum users! I have had a recent desire to send my gopro (or other camera) to near space altitudes via a weather balloon. After much searching on YouTube and other websites, I have a basic list of what I need.
They include
  • weather balloon
  • parachute
  • camera(s)
  • hot packs (keep equipment warm)
  • gps tracking device
  • radar reflector (so aircraft can see it via radar)
  • cooler/container to hold everything
If anyone on the forum has done something along these lines, or could help add a usefull idea, it would be greatly appreciated!


Minnesota Flyer
an idea to use a FPV glider instead of a parachute for the return
I too have thought of that, but the fact that a regular balloon can drift as much as 40 miles if the winds in the atmosphere are strong enough, it scares me that a glider could multiply that drifting distance significantly, you'd also have to have a large enough plane to carry all the desired equipment.


Senior Member
Wouldn't need a motor. Heck, anything that would balance should work. 20 mi alt/40 mi horiz and you would only need 2/1 glide ratio to get back. With OSD pointing the way home.... Might need something strong to withstand the buffeting at altitude, but you could take some sort of stunt plane, reinforce the heck out of it with cf, and put a lead fishing sinker in the nose to compensate for the motor. For that matter, some sort of ap as a backup.


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My son wants to do this for a senior project. I would like to see Windestals notebooks on his launch. Much to be learned here not the least of which is how to file paperwork to get airspace permissions.

Free balloon might be a lot easier since it will act as a streamer until a suspended chute can inflate.

A glider would necessarily be far cooler if not an order of magnitude more complex for the return.

Any thoughts or links?


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
You also most likely need FAA approval and there will be only a certain time window that must be observed once approved.



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Agreed Thurmond.
Must not think of problems that arise in meeting an airliner or something like that
But temping ideas though. In the right place and right time.....

grtz Marc


Dedicated foam bender
The radar reflector isn't going to work for aircraft to "see" it. The modern TCAS systems are tuned to planes transponders and do not look for "skin paints" or direct radar imaging. A transponder would be necessary to warn other aircraft on your location.