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Senior telemaster Re-Build


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I have a Telemaster Senior (arf) with a re-covered fuselage. Mine is electric power and I can get 30-45 minute flights off an 8000 mah 5 cell battery. The wing is modded so it slots in at the leading edge and is secured with 2 nylon bolts. I bought some airfoil shaped aluminum from the hobby shop and used that to make my lift struts. The tundra tires are 6" dubros. They look strange at first, but now when I see telemasters with normal wheels, they look funny. I outfitted mine with an autopilot (diy project) and have over 200 flights and almost 88 hours in the air.

I was so pleased to discover that my FT Storch flies just like a smaller version of my telemaster.


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Sorry no updates, my dad is making me work it off. I am almost there though. Here is a list of things that need to be done:
Fuel dot installation,
Covering removal,
Kitbash flaps in,
Final sand wing area after flaps,
Re-cover the plane,
Bush tires,
Mount the engine,
And it is RTF!!! It is a lot more than it seems. I want this ready for local events next month.