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Sensei FS RXR to FrSky Tanaris Flight Mode Mix

I just got a new Sensei FS RXR for my birthday :). The setup instructions for non-Tactic RXs are a little sketchy in the manual so I searched around for assistance with setting it up with my FrSky Tanaris Transmitter using OpenFlight and found nothing. While waiting for a response from Hobbico over the weekend I came across a discussion on the Sensei FS WISE Stabilizer and how it likely a re-branded Detrum 6GS (http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2340929) so I downloaded a 6GS manual for reference. Sure enough, the WISE gyro is very likely a rebranded 6GS. In fact, they share some of the same images in the setup steps(!). However, the 6GS manual (http://www.dynam-rc.cn/uploadfiles/dlm/file/6gs.pdf) is much more informative than the Sensei FS manual.

Here is how to assign flight modes to a 3 position switch on the FrSky Tanaris. The switch up is beginner mode, switch middle is intermediate, and the switch down is advance mode. I used switch SA as it is handy to the throttle for me. I used OpenFlight flight modes FM0 and FM1 to assign value to a global variable. The Global Variable either has a value of 0 or 25. I set FM1 with a momentary switch. I used SH down as my recovery flight state and SH up as my default level flight state. The WISE Stabilizer has the flight modes activated in 3 PWM ranges with the Recovery State PWM ranges placed between them. You activate Recovery State by modifying the output mix on channel 6 to step it 25% down into the nearest Recovery Range. There is an additional Recovery PWM range above Advance mode that is not used by my
mix. If you ever get a PWM value above the max for Advance mode it will also go into Recovery State.

Mode to PMW Chart:

[800] < Recovery < [1020] Center 910
[1020] < Beginner Mode < [1180] Center 1100
[1180] < Recovery < [1420] Center 1300
[1420] < Intermediate < [1580] Center 1500
[1580] < Recovery < [1820] Center 1700
[1820] < Advance < [1980] Center 1900
[1980] < Recovery < [2200] Center 2090

I aimed my mix to produce the values near the center values of the ranges.

Here are the steps to set up the mix:

1. Hook up a 6(+) channel RX to the WISE Gyro as shown in the manual. Note: The Sensei FS Channel 5 is defaulted to the Cool Cargo Drop. This is confusing since the picture used for channel 5 in the Sensei FS Manual is from the Detrum 6GS manual for setting up the recovery state mix(!). Channel 6 is the Default Flight Mode and the Recovery State Channel. I kept these defaults.

2. On the Input Screen: Set up a 3 position switch as an input at 100% Weight, No offset, no Trim. I used SA. I called this input "Mode".

3. On the Mix Screen: Set up a mix on Channel 6 using the 3 position switch input (SA in my case). Set the weight to 78. Offset to -GVR1.

4. On the Flight Mode Screen: Set up FM0 as "Level Flt". GVR1 value = 0. This is the default so no switch is assigned.

5. On The Flight Mode Screen: Set up FM1 as "Recovery". GVR1 Value = 25, Assign to a momentary Switch like SH Down.

6. Test. On the servo screen you can see the actual PWM values by highlighting channel 6. On the WISE Stabilizer L2 flashes a color to indicate mode: Blue = Beginner, Green = Intermediate, Red = Advanced, Bluish White = Recovery Mode.

Note: You could just use GVR1 and not -GVR1 as the offset but you'd need to change the value assignment of GVR from 25 to -25. I prefer to keep my Global Variables positive for consistency and error checking. Also, the names you use for the mixes and flight modes are not important as long as you keep them consistent.

There might be simpler alternative methods but this one works fine for me. Good Luck!