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Servo Tester

Flak Bait

Junior Member
Just wanting to center up the servo's w/o having to drag out the TX and hook up all the electronics......you know the drill.

Any recommendations from the crowd on a servo tester?

I've been using an E-Sky EK2-0907 for some time...it gets the job done.

My only complaint is that I have yet to find a servo tester that has a 'detent' position at 50% travel (neutral). The number scale gets you close but a detent position would be nice.
Most of the servo testers are probably close enough to center things up for a build. If I need accuracy, I use an oscilloscope to set them to exactly 1.5mS. Rarely needed though. As for the lack of a detent position, I agree. How hard would it be to put a detent in there at center? Instead, I put a mark at center as compared to the transmitter center and it always works out to less than one tooth on the servo arm.