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Setting up a NAZA on a tbs discovery


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I recently bought a tbs discovery off a guy, and it came with a naza(no gps) and I've started trying to set up my quad. and i am a bit stumped at the moment. when i connect the power to my quad the yellow and green light continuously flash on the quad. in their help documentation this means that the sticks aren't centred. however in their setup software, when i have the quad connected via usb it says my sticks are centered. all the marks show up as green.

when i have it connected to my computer through the usb, in the setup software there are 2 lights at the bottom of the window, a green and a blue one. the green one is on and solid, the blue one is flashing rapidly. not sure if this is related. also when its connected to the computer the light on the quad is green, so i guess it means things are good.

i am able to do a motor test and i have checked that all the motors work in the right order and they spin the correct way.

not sure what else it could be. Have you got experience with the NAZA?



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here is a little video showing my flashing problem, hopefully this helps those of you who can help me to help me :)



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I don't fly any Naza stuff or I'd be happy to help. I think that is also the reason no one else has answered yet. I'm assuming each manufacturer uses their own indicator light colors so going from the multiwii colors to a naza wouldn't help you. I did find this video for setup. He is using a 9X but it might help. Since I'm not familiar with Naza, I don't know how much of this you have already done.



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after fighting long and hard with this problem, I've finally gotten it sorted.

The problem exists because my switch for the control mode was going from 0 to 100 on the scale, however it needed to have its end points adjusted so that flipping the switch would put it into attitude mode or manual mode. unfortunately my radio is very basic and doesnt have end point adjustment options, So I've put that control onto the dial control on my radio, this isnt ideal however as bumping the dial will put it off the correct point it needs to be on, but i have put a slight etch in my radio so i know where to point the dial. as without a computer there is no way to know which mode its set in.

so yeah, if you're having the same problems its your control mode switch.