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setting up sprektrum in betaflight


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Hi all. I am building a new quad. "lost my old one". armattan chameleon frame, omnibus f4 v5pro FC, blheli esc 20a, spektrum ar610 receiver and dx6i transmitter.
I've never used betaflight before. I used open pilot with cc3d boards and it was very simple.
I have quad connected with bf I can run motors, but I can't get betaflight to see my receiver "move sticks" there is alot of stuff I don't know meaning of in beta like none of the stuff in ports "uart, serial rx ect.."
My receiver is bound to dx6i but my sticks don't move in beta flight.
Any help would be appreciated.



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The AR610 is a PWM receiver, so no need to worry about UARTs. In the betaflight configuration tab, set Receiver to PWM input, and connect your one wire per channel to the PWM inputs on the FC.

A significant upgrade would be to move to a serial receiver. Smaller, fewer wires and much lower latency. Spektrum, Orange and Lemon all make receivers more suited to miniquads.


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Go with a Lemon PPM Rx. Spektrum will rob you and Orange is a gamble. I've got the 8ch (I think) diversity one. It's pretty good! The range should be fine for racing, and OK for acro in a large field. Probably like 1200+ ft if I had to guess:
Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 3.12.28 PM.png
Thanks for your help. I changed to pwm input and still nothing. I wasn't able to flash to latest version of firmware. I don't think I got the latest drivers and zadig installed either. I'm soo tired will try again tmrw.
Thanks again fellas.


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Can't really tell from the photo, but as long as you have the signal wire to the FC connected to the signal port on the Rx, you should see some movement even if the channel mapping is wrong. Is the Rx getting power? Not all FC's power the Rx from USB, you may need to connect a battery.
Yeah it gets power and connects when i turn on my transmitter. I'm starting to think maybe bad FC came from bangood.
I might just order another any suggestions? I thought maybe $45 was a lill cheap for FC, VTX and pdb.


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Another option would be the Sprektrum Quad Race Receiver (SPM4648) $25

I have a couple of these and they work fine.
I do like Lemon Rx too but I haven't used the one you have pictured. The only downside I heard is that they don't autobind like the Spektrum does. Be sure to post your results. I like to keep my options open.
well I think i burned out the new lemon receiver i switched sig and ground around now i get no light in the receiver. Still get light on sat though. O well I've done worse in ten minutes before. lol . I'm just going to order new FC and receiver. I like this FC bacause of the built in vtx I don't have alot of room so I was gonna stay with the f4 v5pro.
I had this same issue on a F4 board, the manual and board were both wrong...

If using UART (satellite receiver with only three wires) you need to solder these to UART 3.

Switching signal and ground should not have burnt out the Lemon RX...
Yeah i don't think so either. But as soon as i did I could no longer get light to come on even when I tried to bind again. But they were really cheap I may order a few.

This looks wrong to me.....

The spektrum satellite should go straight to the F4 board...
cut off the connector and solder the wires..
Gnd is black
Red/orange is 3.3 Volts
The light grey is your UART3

I'm not too sure what you have wired in the middle of the two...
I see what you have done... that is wrong...

here is the manual I have found....

https://files.banggood.com/2016/07/HGLRC F4 V5PRO Manual.pdf

According to the manual using ONLY a spectrum satellite receiver you want to use the top three wiree per the manual as follows:

Top wire to light grey
2nd wire down to Orange/red wire
3rd wire down to Black wire of the satellite.

IF that does not work take the light grey wire and put it to TX3. This is on the bottom of the pic 3rd wire to the right...

How to wire.png

Hopefully the picture works