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Setup LED on quadcopter


Junior Member
Hi !

I have some basics knowledge of electronics and eletricity but I've got a problem !
I'd like to setup LED on my DJI F450 with Naza controller. I thought I could plugin them in parallel of my distribution board but I'm afraid by the current (about 60A !), so, how do you usually setup classic led.
I don't want to buy some kit or somethings, I'd like to setup my own LED :p

THanks a lot


Senior Member
Choose your led(s) first based on the amps (brightness) you want to achieve. Mind cooling if you choose high powered leds. Then choose where to get the power, and how to wire (parallel or serial). I usually use the balance plug via a BEC, but anything goes. You may need to get a led driver if you use high powered leds. If not, head over to a led calc which are abundant (for example http://ledcalc.com) and calc the correct resistance. Check the power dissipated through the needed resistor to get the proper size.

Your solution depends a lot on what you want: How many and how bright?
I used two 6" strips (9 emitters each) of the Turnigy Waterproof LED lights from Hobby King in a parallel wiring configuration. Since the 16.8 volts from the 4S battery used to drive the motors were too much, being rated for 12 volts, I put a small 1300mAh 3S on board to power the lights. The current draw by the lights is very minimal and will leave plenty of current left to power FPV gear in the future. The lights are also very bright, almost blindingly bright in doors; outside however they are not distracting.



Misfit Multirotor Monkey
I'm not sure if I would recommend it, but I have connected as much as 1300+ lumen ultra-bright CREE LEDs to my main harness controlled with an Turnigy Rx switch. Not had any issues yet. Running that much light shaves about 90 seconds off the flight time.

Only light in the room is off the quad