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[ share] Confused about batteries

Hi Everyone,

I am confused what battery to use in my tiny trainer. There is so many different batteries out there. I have never flown before. I am trying to get ready for going to Edgewater on this up coming Thursday night to learn how to fly. I have the plane built. It needs to be checked out before trying to get it into the air. I know Josh talks about a 2 cell battery for the tiny trainer. What battery would be a good choice ? I don't think if I order a couple of batteries I would get them in time for this up coming Thursday.


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Are you using Powerpack A or F? Trainer wing or sport wing? There’s many users on here that use 2s batteries, but I prefer 3s. I use 3s 850mah, but that does make the TT nose heavy so the battery has to go behind the pod. The TT will accept a wide range of batteries, I think I read someone even used a 3s 2200!


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3S up to about 1500mAH will work fine.

2S same size, just use a larger prop.

YES - it will fly on a 3S 2200 but if you don't have landing gear you have to throw it - HARD - at full throttle.

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Since you’ve never flown yet, I would recommend a 500-1000 mah 2s but a 850 mah 3s should be ok as long as you don’t get too throttle hungry 😉. At edgewater they are all really nice and have tons of batteries, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they would help you by using one of their batteries and instructing you while flying. They might even be able to take it up first and get it trimmed out then pass over the controls. Don’t count on it though, so I’d recommend trying to find a hobby shop in the area and get a battery.


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I fly mine on the smallest, lightest packs that will work. I use 2s with a 2400kv motor and 6x4 APC prop. You DO NOT want a huge heavy pack on it for the first time you fly. Personally I have flown nothing bigger than an 850mah 2s on it. You want a light, floaty, controllable plane not a powered lawn dart.
Buy a couple of 500-850mah 2s packs, you will get 5-7mins flight out of those, which is more than enough when learning, they are cheap too.