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Share your favorite Flite Test Moment!


Executive Producer
Hi Guys!

We are creating a new promotional reel for the show, and we need your input. Post your favorite Flite Test moment. Was it something Josh Scott said? Or Josh Bixler's most epic crash? What about David getting slapped?

We don't want to leave out our best stuff, so we need your help. :D



How many letters do we ge
Footage of the 'Fowl Flyer' as the turkey pulls back on the stick to flare for landing.

That big P47 collecting David's little P51.

I'm sure there are others.


Bought Another Trailer
Staff member
Another favorite moment was in the Brixler episode. In the beginning, when Josh S checks the wind, and throws the brick off the side of the playground.


Site Moderator
Still love the Free iPad and iPhone JS (AR Drone Episode) and love it when JB refers to JS as Brother :D

This is too hard . . there are too many episode to pick from!!


Senior Member

For people who don't know what ARF really means it's not funny. But for me - one of the best moment. Also, as FlyingMonkey mentioned the bricksler episode, where Josh S. Checks for wind and throws a brick ...


Crazy flyer/crasher :D

JS: So I can fly this plane ( his awesome facial expression having gathered some hope to finally be able to fly!)
JB: (serios!) You cannot fly this plane (And JS´s hopes completely destroyed! just about to cry like a baby, alittle exaggerated on this though)

Then also another scene,
just about the beginning of the flying through glas challenge:
JS wanting to participate in prepping an episode going to clean the class and actually not having to.