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Sharkfin 66 - A small, fun and fast parkflyer


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Hi guys,

so last weekend was a great one for flying, I maiden a small wing that went really well. Shortly after I maiden another project I've been working on, this


Before i go over the specs here is the maiden flight

Anyways, went better than I expected. It's essentially a 66% Nube Tube from experimental airlines with the smallest inner tube size that would fit the Rhino 600mah 3cells within. It's half depapered DTFB with 3mm depron and a CF square tube spare in the wing to save weight, as seen here


I was very poleased with the plane tho I would and likely will make some adjustments to make it even better.

I can post more info about it if anyone wants, just wanted to share, It's crazy fun this little bird.