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Shipping during flitefest?

Hi! Let me start off by introducing myself to this community. I LOVE flite test and i’ve been a fan since I was 9, which was back in 2013. After 5 long years, I finally decided to lay off of RTF planes and go build my own, since I keep finding myself clueless on how to repair them. On Tuesday, I ordered myself a couple 2s 850mah batteries, the FT Mighty Mini Sportster + Power Pack F, Lipo bag, and a couple of props. I also bought a tx and rx and a lipo charger from hobby king and an xt30-xt60 converter for charging since i bought an xt30 battery.

Enough of me, but my question is how long does “awaiting fulfillment” take and how long does it generally take for the items to get to you from the moment you order it? Is it any different during flite fest? Excuse my impatience, but I am just so excited! I also wanna make sure to be able to put as much flight time as I can on it since i start marching band in a couple of weeks and I will barely have any time to do so. Thank you flite test for everything you do!

EDIT: A nice gentleman by the name of Robert just confirmed with me that it is most likely to leave the warehouse tomorrow. I am some excited!
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