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Shop around and save on adaptors

Just wanted to share my experience being cheap. I just got the Accucel-6 for my birthday. In anticipation of getting either that or the ImaxB6 I made an adaptor out of what "I thought" was a compatible DC connector that would connect to one of the molex connectors on my PC but when I tried it, the bugger was too small on the inner width for the charger.

So what did I do you ask?

Well, I didn't buy one at full price, that's for sure. I went two blocks down to the thrift store with the provided DC connector with alligator clips and compared it to the adaptors in the "Misc. Electronic Accessory" bins. I found 4 likely candidates and bought them for a little over $5.

When I got back, 3 of the 4 matched and what is even better is I don't have to solder the connectors to my PC cable because they are 11v and 12v wall adaptors properly rated to run the charger. I even ended up with a 12v cigarette lighter port adapter so I don't have to pop the hood on the field.

So instead of paying $15 - $20 for an adaptor I payed $5 for 3. Hope that encourages you other hobbyists to salvage and recycle, it saves you some money and it feels great!


Dedicated foam bender
I'm sure you know this but just as a reminder, make sure you are watching the pack if you are charging inside the car, and always balance charge inside a car. Actually, to charge inside a car can be bad if done wrong, so it is better to put the battery on charge outside the vehicle.
Don't be this guy....he was charging on quick charge, not balance...

Bookmarked! Thanks, Auger!
This guy can be trusted. (IMHO)
He tests EVERYTHING, just so he don't have to hear crap before/after a sale.
RCC made him famous, and his work ethic/quality keeps him in business.

He knows more about batt stuff and connectors than Wikipedia has room to write about it.

I have trusted all of my high-draw applications to him, and in 7 plus years,
his work, his batts, his materials, and his customer service has never let me down.

I always look to him first, and if he can't do it, he will tell you the next best place to go.