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Short flight times and many brown outs.

hi I just bought a three bladed propeller for my airplane so I had enough power to fly inverted. my voltage jeeps dropping low and the efficiency is rubbish. same gear and not flying faster than I usually would have. any advice???



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not sure why you would need much more power to fly inverted the flying normal. But setting that aside, there are a few things that might have happened. I suspect you may have over-proped your motor/power system setup, which would cause exesive current draw and possibly burn up your motor or over heat your ESC.

As Bo123 asked, what plane, motor, battery, original prop, new prop.
Hi guys thanks for your replies. The power was just a matter of me being nervous. The propeller is a 3 bladed 7x7 and the motor is 1400-2200kv. Esc isn't a roblem 40 amps. I'll double check tomorrow the propeller size however the shop owner said that it would be OK for the plane I'm flying. Its a warbird low wing tricycle landing gear one from abc flying called lek ratchri 'Thai name' as ordering from FliteTest is difficult. I do have the triplane though! Not the easiest flier as I have to trim the rudder so far to the right that it's unsafe to fly around my home. Thanks guys it's soo nice to have some other people to talk to that know about the hobby as I can't communicate in Thai. As you can see it's very difficult to learn how to fly when someone is speaking in broken English to you and swelling your batteries by charging them at 10 amps (i was a beginner then and had no idea this was bad)