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Should I Buy the Cox extra 300?

Hi! Anyone have any experience with the Cox Extra 300? I want to buy one this week but want a little first hand feed back. I was originally going to get the Cox Sky Cruiser, but I like the the Extra 300 has ailerons and can do more rolls and has more control. Any advice?


Rotor Riot!
That depends mostly on your skill. Aerobatic airplanes are less stable, they don't self-right themselves, they are fast, and not easy to fly. If you've never flown before, then you should not get the Extra 300.

Some sarcasm:


I don't call that a loop or a roll. I call that a death spiral.

Mike oxbig

15% nitro is my cologne
Do a google search on nine eagles extra 300 and you'll find lots of reviews. Cox is just a rebranded nine eagles. My personal experience with NE products was good but there have been complaints.

I saw your other post on looking for a trainer and I'm assuming you are not experienced as a flyer so take my advise with a grain of salt. Your first plane shouldn't be an aerobatic plane. Low wing, big ailerons, and no dihedral make for a less stable and more reactive flyer. It's small size doesn't help either as wind will push this hard.
I have been into rc for a couple years now, basically i bought an air hogs heli and since then i've been hooked on flying. I have since bought a few other air hogs ,gryphon, gyro x, blue sky, ace acrobat. all fun but i cant really fly the way i want to. Im pretty solid with my orientation. I want to move onto better Tx/Rx and funner planes.
Real planes are much different to fly than 'toy' grade planes. I started out with them and moved onto a trainer 3 years ago. There is a lot more to think about like CG and what equipment to use. They are also heavier and handle better in the wind and have more precise movement with servos. You should go to a local club and see whether they will give tou a test run in one of their trainers and see how you fare. Otherwise you could buy a simulator and precise if you think that you have what it takes to fly a fully 3D capable Extra!
Thanks for the advice! I wanted to get the Bixler at first because I like the big wing span and the plane can grow with me, but the tx/rx is on back order and the shipping is almost as much as the plane! my local shops have a few good options, I am definitely excited to move out of toy grade hobby :) Hook me up with a discount code Flitetest!
No problem ;)
The Bixler will serve you well and if the Turnigy 9X is the radio you are getting, it is a good deal and has a lot of options for bigger and better planes for the future

Cheers fa subbing'!