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Should I get the Turnigy 9X or 9XR?

The first link is the module/rx pack that they sell. It is a little more specific in that it's the High voltage module for use with lipo power and high voltage servos. If you just have standard gear you can buy cheaper receivers. Note, the module is the same for the transmitter it's only the voltage handling capabilities of the rx that is different. That RX will work with normal, 4-5 cell nicad/nimh packs too. You can buy all the rest of your receivers in low voltage configurations if you want.

This is the standard voltage pack. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__14355__FrSky_DF_2_4Ghz_Combo_Pack_for_JR_w_Module_RX.html

This receiver, probably now a plus rx, automatically gives flight pack voltage telemetry, but you'd have to buy the display to see it unless you get into the 9xr and hack it for telemetry. I THINK they have that worked out over at Openrc forums, but check there first. Reading telemetry and not reading telemetry is a flick of the switch on the output module before power up.
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uses a mono cord jack for training so any of the bugs that plug in fir sims will work fine. Been so long since I used a sim I can't tell you exactly but I think Banggood sells a dongle and disk pack for next to nothing.

Guess I could work on my rolling circles or something but I don't want the sim being my only flying, which if I used it two days in a row it would become my flight time leader this year.
Zombie post

As someone new to the hobby I found all the information in this thread very helpful. I always thought that the only transmitters one could use were Spektrum (they are the only ones I had been exposed to) and while researching more economical transmitters I ran across this thread. After watching all the videos, reading all the posts, and learning that I've been soldering things wrong for almost 30 years, I have decided that the transmitter that I prefer to get is the FrSky Taranis. Thanks to the one off post about this daydream of a transmitter.

Again, sorry for resurrecting this thread, but I wanted to say thank you to everyone who posted information.