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Show us your Hobby Zone


Yes, she is acutely aware of it. I have to give her credit for being more tolerant than I could ask. She's starting to give me that look, though. And the little comments are starting to flow.
"I just vacuumed this morning."
"You're as bad as the kids." :-D


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Why isn't Ol' Reliable in this photo? And what did you do to the Hawk's nose?
Ole reliable hangs on the other side of the door as your facing my garage on the left side and my F4U hangs on the far right above my tool boxes. As far as th Hawk goes I lost the nose on its 3rd or 4th flight. I intend to build another just have not had the need to LOL :black_eyed:


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Here ya go Teach

My Garage/workshop/mancave

Ok EarthScienceteach wanted to see some of my stuff in the pic so I crammed it all in. Hanging, Top right "Flirting with Disaster" Super Cub with ailerons. To its left and hanging Wild Hawk with ailerons who donated its nose to the winds of Wyoming and is in definite need of a name. Directly behind and to the right is my Stinger 64 "Challenger" to its left is my "Denver Bronco Dart" a scratch build that is my nemesis. It will fly just not today or yesterday and so on and so on... Bottom left my new F4U "Pappy" to its right a Honey Bee King II that does not work for I can not figure out what is wrong. to its right is "Ole Reliable" my 3 channel Cub with floats. Fianlly at the bottom of my bench is an AIr Hog Helicopter. This is the Helicopter my wife bought me as a joke for christmas. She had no idea that when she bought this joke what it would turn into because I had way too much fun playing with this little thing in the house. Thats it my Hobby Zone sorry for rambling. Boy what a mess ;)
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Okay, just because I have been sick all week and have not had a chance to tidy up a bit, I thought I would make teach feel much better.

Here is my mess right now:


Will post again when things are put away and organized again.
I will say small apartment living is not advantageous to this hobby!