Show Us Your Tiny Trainers- TT Appreciation Thread.


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Despite having started out as a bit of a TT sceptic I have to admit that 5 months after an first flew it, my TT is still my favourite flyer and is still teaching me about building, repairing and flying.
So the purpose of this thread is to celebrate and share the Tiny Trainer and it’s many mods.
Here’s mine, from build to the present.
BE6EF4DC-5796-4688-A2AF-D3499A43C0EB.jpeg F77F9A69-13B7-48F4-98CD-232640AD2C86.jpeg 2B95D7E8-F182-48DC-9E9A-C31197DAF2C6.jpeg E70AB768-24D6-47D0-A31C-4DB1F6882F38.jpeg 321AEDBD-EAB4-4A6E-9C45-D0B50ECC3B63.jpeg E1705681-541F-43A6-BE3E-E4B334D39E50.png 67A6C2D2-5A89-4D2A-A9EB-B24AEDBA3DCE.jpeg 5F0068B9-FC2C-4C47-B679-2C934CA1ED2E.jpeg 92EBB167-5277-4ACF-B969-28FFF3FC9154.jpeg


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I just built my first one from scratch, I went with a WWII D-Day paint scheme on it. I figured the flat OD green would hide a lot of mistakes. My stripes are a little uneven but that's how they were in 1944 because most of them were painted with a brush.
Now I have to wait to get every thing to finish it, I am on disability and my check only goes so far every month, I probably wont be able to try to fly it until "June 6th" next year. My horizontal stabilizer wound up a couple of degrees off, I wish I would have had a color printer to print my plans, everything did not show in B/W. I also forgot to glue in the pushrod tubes, I think I can fish them in when I am ready to install the servos, white glue will hold them to the inside of the fuse, I tried gluing two pieces together and and the stuck fine, this will give me more time to get them in place and hold them in with a stick or something until they set.
Any one know where to get OD green #64 rubber bands?