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Show us your working area!


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
I thought it would be fun to see where everyone does all his builds and modifications and repairs and all that kinds of stuff.

So I want this to be a thread you can just post a picture or even pictures of your working area and lets see who´s got the best after the Flite Test work bench, which probably unbeatalbe :D

So here is mine. It is a corner of my room. The actual work is done on my desk, which I use for homework after school, RC and laptop and all kinds of other stuff. That smaller desk in the corner is just a little table to put stuff on if I am too lazy to sort everything back.

As you can see everything is really tidy right know :D

That is just because after I finished my Event my room was sooo messy that my mum made me clear everything up.

Everything except the big wing and small Parkzone Sukhoi belongs to me :D



Im pretty excited to see your stations of passionate work :D


not crazy, just stupid

It might seem chaotic, but i know where everything is, and i can access it within 2 seconds, no matter what i would need....
also, i have some planes in the basement and some in the attic, but the storage system is the same, so i didnt feel the need to post that as well ... BUT IT WORKS SO ITS OK.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
W ooo W,

at rare occasions my room might look like this! But you´re right. You always know where you leave your stuff and as soon as my mum tidies anything up I start searching my stuff even though it is tidy. Seems unlogic but thats the way it is.


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I do all my work on a ping pong table and a fold up table in my basement. Here are a few pictures before and during one of my projects. The ping pong table is right behind the folding table and I stand in-between the two tables.


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Crazy flyer/crasher :D
@Ryan: Nice place!

I got a tabletennistable :D lying around outside in my garden and my fam doesn´t use it any more. That might the way to extend my working area :D

@pgerts: Nice roof you have there! Love the Hotliner you have there right in the front of the picture! Did you ever measure how fast it flies? Or am I completely wrong with saying it is a hotliner?


Rotor Riot!
This is where I built my failed J3 Piper Cub. Notice the porcelain I used as a cutting table (it is super strong and almost doesn't scratch with a sharp utility knife). Don't use this. It kills the tip of your blades fast when you cut against it.



How many letters do we ge
Welcome to'the study'

When I was studying my last degree by distance this was used for conventional 'study'. Now all I study here are plans, manuals...


There are many planes and helis stuffed in there that you can't see!
So here is mine, too. My flat isn't the biggest one, but i could do all my hobby stuff in the basement. In this time of the year relatively cold, but i do not disturb anybody (and nobody is disturbing me) and all the dust and hotwiring smells stay down there. As you can see i'm actually working on a RC conversion of a Multiplex FOX with wingerons (mentioned it in another thread). I really have to rearrange the parking lots of my planes, as i often brake something by accident, cause its so narrow in there. eyeintheskys idea (and i have seen it other posts, too) of hanging them all on the ceiling. As mentioned before, it's getting cold outside and so i have some guests - my little goldfishs.

2011-11-21 18.06.50.JPG 2011-11-21 18.07.49.JPG 2011-11-21 18.08.28.JPG 2011-11-21 18.08.53.JPG 2011-11-21 18.09.23.JPG 2011-11-21 18.11.55.JPG