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Simple Cub Power Pod Question


New member
OK, I have a very basic question - I have my Simple Cub pretty much all build but I'm unsure about where things should mount on the power pod. In the build video, he mounts the ESC under the pod and passes the battery and ESC wires through to the inside. But later, when he attaches the battery at the end, he attaches it under the ESC

Would you velcro the battery to the ESC on the bottom, or to the inside bottom of the fuselage? In this configuration it's very hard to reach the ESC battery cable since it's pointing toward the back and both the ESC and batteries I have use very short cables.

I tried mounting the battery inside the pod, in the front and it balances fine. Is this OK or does it need to be under?

I think I'm ready to fly!


Elite member
If it balances and you can get to the plug easily in the event of a problem, without having to put your hand through the arc of the prop, then you are good to go!
Extending ESC wires is easy if you need to make the battery cable longer.


Legendary member
I agree with @FDS, as long as the plane will balance on the CG mark AND you can easily change the battery, all is good. Place the components where you want them. Everyone has different building styles, these differences will effect where things need to go so the plane balances at the correct spot.

On several planes, I cut the nose off and add a 2 inch extension, then glue everything back together. Just to balance the plane.