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Help! Simple Cub Wheels


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I've got the Dubro inflatables for my 2000mm Beaver, almost a mandatory upgrade IMHO if you're planning on flying such a big plane at an unprepared field. I've got even bigger ones to put on it now! As long as you can keep the weight reasonable, I don't think a guy can have a wheel too big... but I'm a bush plane kind of guy!
yeah... the 4 inch inflatable wheels are 130 grams each, for 260 grams, which is 9 ounces... while many simple cubs with much lighter wheels will end up in the 15-20 ounce range with a battery installed.

Dunno why I suggested that lol
I mean I should be okay if I've got a power pack c powering the simple cub right? Its more power than needed.