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simple edf build

so basically i decided instead of letting these things sit around for several more years, i might as well try making a simple and fun edf jet that im not worried about keeping pretty or losing. i had the fan unit, esc and servos from a project that never happened a little over 10 years ago (this is a brushed motor, brushless was only available for the very high end stuff at the time)

2x hitec HS55 servos
GWS EDF50 motor and fan unit
GWS ICS-50 speed controller
orange rx (this is and the batteries are the only new parts, this was a spare rx for my mini-swift)
turnigy 2s 800mah lipo

im going to go pick up some foam board and start planning what im going to do. im thinking something basic like this but profile and nowhere near as pretty, lol. having only two servos it will also have to be an elevon mix

i will keep this thread updated with my progress :D
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Have fun! I'm about to embark on a build of a 70 mm, thrust vectored EDF. I'm in the planning stages now. Looking forward to seeing your creation!