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Simple Pan & Tilt mechanism for antenna tracking

Build your own easy solution for a strong and powerful tilt system - great for antenna trackers. Here is a quick clip of the tilt in motion. This video shows a Channel Gearboxe for Standard Size Servos (180° Max Rotation) rotation modification and 5:1 gear ratio.

spg785a-cm_with_90_plate_1.jpg spg785a-cm_with_angle_channel_1.jpg
Here's a list of what you need:
(1) Channel Mount Gearbox : starting at $84.98 - SERVO INCLUDED
(1) Pattern Bracket C : #585480 : $3.99
(1) 90° Pattern Mount : #585494 : $5.99
(1) 6-32x5/16" Socket Head Machine Screws : #632108 : $1.79 (25 pack - use 8, 17 extra that can be used to attach tilt to a pan gearbox...see bottom of post)
(1) 6-32x1/2" Socket Head Machine Screws : #632114 : $2.19 (25 pack - use 4, 21 extra)
TOTAL COST: $98.94

If you want to attach this tilt to a pan gearbox to create a complete pan/tilt system, we suggest using a Channel Gearboxes (Continuous Rotation - No Feedback) for the base pan. This is the same as the tilt gearbox, but instead of the standard rotation modified to 180º, you would select the 360 degree version. Here is a quick clip of the pan AND tilt system in motion. Notice the top gearbox rotates 180 degrees, while the base gearbox rotates 360°.

If you have any questions about this setup, give us a shout! tech@servocity.com or 620-221-0123.
I'm looking at all the settings you've set. I need to know what configuration is best to place the Antenna on a tripod. the base is not clear to me.