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Simple Storch Success

I just had a successful maiden flight of my FT Simple Storch! Very nice and stable flyer.

Though I had MULTIPLE errors in building this plane, I really enjoyed learning a new building method. Paper covered foam and hot glue is pretty neat. I used fiber reinforced packing tape as 'spars' on the bottom of the wing. I learned from building epp Zagi flying wings for slope combat 20 years ago, that packing tape is a great reinforcing tool. I think this will help keep the wing from folding (fingers crossed).

I'm looking forward to hanging a gopro clone under this and playing with aerial video.

Thanks again to Flite Test for a fun plane and AMAZING videos! The build videos were invaluable.



Building Fool-Flying Noob
Have fun with it. I know I love mine. Remember to support the wing rear over hang at the fuse... with a pop stick or something. otherwise it my crumple under the rubber bands.