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Simulator or not?


Winter is coming
Ah, ok, I see that the devo7 doesn't have a USB port. Yes, it will require a dongle that will connect to the trainer port, unlike other models that do have a separate mini USB port for software upgrades, etc.


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I'm on a Mac so I went for the aeroflyRC7 form the app store. I have an old school FM Tx JR x370 and I have not been able to get them talking so I started using it with my trackpad and got the feel for flying powered gliders and I love it! Recently I bought an FS i6s and that plugged straight in with a mini USB. It was a nightmare to use until I added 40%expo to the sticks, now it flys like a dream!

I'm just waiting for the wind to settle then I can find out if sims are worthwhile! I'll let you know!


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then I can find out if sims are worthwhile! I'll let you know!
I'm planning my maiden flight for the day after tomorrow. I was showing off my plane to my family and they oohed and aahed over the fact I could make the control surfaces move with the transmitter. Understandable, since I've been at this since October! My son agreed he had to be there for the Maiden, so it will happen after he gets out of school.

My mother commented on how I was moving stuff around without even looking at the controller. She was right. I had thumbs on sticks and moving them around, getting exactly the response I was expecting, like it was second nature. My opinion? I haven't flown yet and the sim has already helped.

I'll try to remember to come back here and report my experience as well, but I suspect I'll be busy rebuilding a Tiny Trainer. :p