Single to "T-Motor" style props


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Hello all and happy Friday!

Engineering question;
I have these motors

They are great but they have a built in single hole prop mount and when using bigger props (> 12 inch) the choices for high quality props with single hole mounts falls to close to 0 (from what I have found).

The high quality ones like Foxtech supreme, Tarot or T-Motor all use the 3 hole mount system as it is more accurate.

The question is, does anyone ever seen somone take a single mount and convert it to a 3 hole system? I would imagine I could get something machined butI don't have access to a lathe nor do I have the skills.

Maybe someone has suggestions on where to get high quality 13inch props with single mounting options.

Thanks all!


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Thanks Cranial,

I've currently got 13inch props from banggood and DX and the quality is just very average, they are not precicely machined, but then again for the proce I don't expect that.

Now to see if 14 inch will fit, the frame is made for max 12 inch, but the 13's are ok on there.