skayes-the french guys


Hello everyone
My name is Damien, I am 22 years old and I am French ;).
I practice modelism for about 10 years, I started with balsa constructions (glider, warbird ... etc), and I discovered the depron, which became one of my favorite materials (with carbon ^^) , I also realize planes with a hot wire (I have a big project in progress: 2.5m).
I join the forum because I think there are really talented people, I have things to learn, and I really want to share my achievements that are similar to what is on the forum .
Good flight and good construction


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Hello and welcome to the forums :). If you look around the forums you might find a few other French members. Enjoy picking people’s brains here ;).


French people have a bad reputation on the forum:p?
I live in Marseille, in the south, where the weather is nice and warm:sneaky:


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Not that I know of, but there arent many and im probably one of the most active ones.
Would be nice to have another flying buddy but you live a bit far for that, however what you should do is get a nice sailplane and use all that heat wisely.