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Sketchup my new favorite time waster!!!!!


I'm a care bear...Really?
Thanks to a few others on here I decided to play with it. I'm getting better at playing with simple designs but more complex stuff I'm trying at a slower pace.... Tell me what you think. The pictures are upside down but open correctly. The v tail looks funny but it's just the angle I took it at



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Come join the party. SketchUp has been killing my free time for a few weeks now too. A ton of fun. I haven't been able to build from it yet but I'm looking for the way and looking forward to it A LOT.

There are articles on the main page where Jason is putting together a great video series on SU. He is using SU8 which as far as I can tell is no longer out there to download. The information he gives though works well with the SU2013 (I'm not sure which version you are using but you should be fine either way). His videos are sure to get you into the more complicated stuff you are thinking about. Without question the best videos on SU I have seen and they are designed for building planes so its even better.


Start here, there are 7 of these so far so be prepared to spend some time learning something new. Once you start you wont be able to stop.


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I found it not long after posting that I needed it. Though I had looked many times before I finally saw. The problem was I was looking on the official site for a trustworthy download. The solution was to Google search for it and find that they hosted the download but don't link to it from the main site at all...