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skywalker X8 Project


Junior Member
skywalker X8 Flying Wing Project

carbon improvements before maiden flight

add a round 4mm caron fibre sparr in front of the centre of gravity and I add a cross in the middle between the original carbon rods, this prevents the body from bending and hopefully prevent wing flapping at higher speeds.

add a round 4mm caron fibre sparr on the wing tips

add a round 4mm caron fibre sparr from the wing tip too the wing to make a triangle for extra support to the wing tip to prevent breaking off

add carbon fibre sparr 1x6mm 80cm across the bottom and top of the wing

orange rx open lrs rx
multiwii light flight stabilizer
turnigy d3548/4 1100kv
2x metal gear digital servo's TGY-113MG
aeronaut cam 12 x 6.5 propeller
Turnigy nano-tech 6Ah 14.8v

all hardware is programmed the right way, for me it was like an adventure into the software, but in the end everything works like its supposed to.

Fpv system is the next objective

allready have a 900mhz 800mw system but im waiting for some low and high pass filters to come in before i start testing with that.

then RTL system/auto pilot (return to lauch)

12647_10151838869270460_1350963672_n.jpg 560817_10151838868735460_686981890_n.jpg 1150171_10151838869110460_1492998489_n.jpg 1173819_10151838868875460_1817839567_n.jpg 1185521_10151838869395460_2127389926_n.jpg 1185882_10151838868965460_134830858_n.jpg