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Slightly used ParkZone T-28 Trojan


Fly yes... land no.
Over the weekend a fellow flyer at my park had a rough landing.
He was going to retire this plane because he had 3-4 more at home. (ParkZone and Durafly)

We struck a deal and a few hours later it was at my place san electronics.


It has been flown and crashed before but the price was right and I got to check off another plane I've always wanted off my list.


Later on that evening I set to work fixing the broken nose section.
I used some $store 5min epoxy.


I had some good intel from the previous owner.
He had actually been using the motor, spinner adaptor and prop off his Durafly 1100m Trojan.
I followed suit and put a small order in with HK for the same stuff. Specially since the mount was all setup.
In the mean time I've installed a 2830-11 1000KV motor. Since taking the photo I opened up the piece of wood to increase the air flow to the esc.


I am going to start off with a MA Style 10x6 prop.
The ESC is a HK 35A


Really liked how the prev owner gave me the bath room caulking tip for the servos.
Glued in 4 HXT900 9g servos.


I'm looking forward to flying this plane a lot.

Only my 2nd foamie if you count the micro tiger moth.



Fly yes... land no.
Next I need to add some ID Marking/Paint. The potential for 5-6 of these to be flying at the park has grown ;)
Andre, ....Looks great! I always liked the T-28 foamies out there and will have one in my hanger someday! hope she fly's well for you!


old headcase
Nice bird, nice look and nice save.
Rc planes never die, they just keep gaining character till they have so much it's in tiny portions ready for proud display.



Fly yes... land no.
Yes the retaliative cost to get this one flying is low but I will have to look over the fleet and put a few scratch builds on hold.

Running out of resources and over budget. ;)


Fly yes... land no.
Flew 3 times today. Wanted more but had to get home... 2 flights in no wind.
I pushed the power up to 75% so ended up having to back down to 7 mins flight time to keep the cells happy.

Still what a joy to fly. Very responsive. Yesterday she kept rolling on me. I trimmed out all the way.
So last night I lowered the left wing's aileron to = the full trim out. Today she flew straight and true.
PO told me yes that wing may not be true anymore. I could not care. It flew great for me.

I'm adjusting to the faster landings. Since I was uncomfortable landing in the parking lot I did used the field.
On my last flight it took me 3 attempts to get the approach just as I wanted it but stuck the landing in the end. No drama at all.

VERY VERY VERY Happy with this plane. Recommend it to anyone who is looking for the "next" plane after out growing their trainer.



Fly yes... land no.
Before and after...

Picked up some Durafly parts.
I know I know but I refuse to pay that kind of money.
Plus the PO had set the plane up to use the same power plant.

Got the props and spinners to match.

Now of course the CG is all wrong and I have add tail weight.


Fly yes... land no.
The PO showed up at my door step this morning with a motor mount kit for the new power plant.

Warned me of the torque spin when I throttle up.

I love this plane ;)
Oh and it will to....ease into take offs and shouldn't need anything close to full throttle for nice scale look....if you firewall throttle without adequate airspeed it will roll on ya.


Fly yes... land no.

If you ever feel your PZ T-28 lacks a certain punch well I can highly recommend the Durafly power plant conversion.

Today I tested the plane out. She took off great, handled the windy conditions with ease and cruised without issues.
I took off at 1/4 throttle and could pull vertical at 1/2 power. With my 35A ESC everything seemed fine.
I had to back my flight times down to 5min 30sec to prevent over tasking the 3S 2200's.

I used the X-Mount/Hardware:park 480 and did have to add a few tire weights to the tail to fix the CG but like I said it flew great.

So happy with this plane. Quickly becoming my go to plane.


Fly yes... land no.
Next time I go flying I'll shoot a quick video.

Have to decide where I can stick a camera on the T28 with out affecting the balance to much ;)