Slipso 400 Power Setup - Help!


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Call me a bad sport, but a few of the guys at the local club got their hands on HobbyKing's EFX Racers. Now they seem to be obsessed with speed. So, I've decided to build a Slipso 400 from a kit and show them how it's done.
Only problem is I don't know what motor to put in it.

I was hoping to be able to fly off of my 3s 1000mAh 30C packs for this and get around 5 minuted of high speed flight (fast enough to leave the EFX in the dust). Does this seem reasonable?

I started to look at these motors:

As you can see I'm trying to keep the cost below 20 or 15 dollars.


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FYI... those links don't work for me. Not sure if others can see them. I really like the Slipso. I may try to build one out of DTFB with reinforcements.