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slope soaring


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Back to the slope with a glider today - again at Torrey Pines as it is similar to my slope site - I went for a bigger glider the 'Storm 3.2m @3.0kgs' and dialled up the wind a bit more to 12m/s - the guys at our slope like to fly in high winds so I really need to crank it up to around 15-17m/s to get to 60 kph - even though I had the rates at 50% but I was still getting blown about - I have started to get comfortable relaxing when getting in behind the slope!

Video grab is still a bit low quality (something to work on) - turn on 1080 HD. :D

I have never really played with the gliders in RF, I might have to. Can you load your own models into the sim, that way you could test them?
@herbertjalarcon - nice video - have you done one for down wind turns?

This is just my second VLOG, and it will feature all styles of flying, but I will put down wind turns down to talk about the next time I have a soaring section...thinking about making soaring a small segment every VLOG...but still thinking... do you have questions about them?
There's a bit of slope soaring from last weekend in this video after the fpv bit. Sloping starts about 5 and a half minutes in. It was really cloudy when my son and I were up there, and only started to clear up when we walked back down the hill. By the time we were at the bottom of the hill there were 5 or 6 para-gliders up in the air, flying from the top of the hill where we were slope soaring down to the beach below.