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Slow-fly & standard props


Junior Member
Hi Guys,
Long time viewer first time poster :p Absolutley love the show!!

I would love to see a segment on slow-fly and standard propellers and when to use them, i.e. the types of motors and models, and how you make the decision to use either a slow-fly or standard propeller.



Old age member
I agree with Colorex.
It was a lot more easy in the old days with brushed 400 motors ;-)
I could use a 6" prop for direct drive and get a small fast plane.
I could use the motor with a gear to get down the rev and use a 10" prop for bigger slower planes.
Today i will use a 8" slow fly prop for my indoor planes with 19-25 gram brushless motors and 8" "Standard" or DD to my outdoor planes with 50 gram motors or more. DD is the GWS prop for Direct Drive (without gear box).

Normally Slow Fly propellers are wider than "standard".