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SMA RP-SMA LHCP RHCP information needed.

Hello All:

My first post on this site, awesome place! I am using Boscam 5.8 FPV RX and TX and I'm trying to understand how it all goes together, read about 2000 posts. So we have FatShark (immersion) using SMA and Boscam (Chinese) using RP-SMA, is that correct? Are these just connectors styles or are they different electrically like one is the shield/ground and the other is signal but reversed? And then there are the gender changers I've seen described as one has a (penis) pin and one doesn't. Does that mean I can use an SMA antenna and adapters to an RP-SMA RX? Pretty confused now and it would be nice if someone could post a guide or tutorial on how these connectors work and their applications. I can't believe no one else is confused by this. The other information is covered well on the forums and guides about antennas, the RH and LH CP types and their applications but never any mentions about the connectors and applications? I found some information on HK's site but its conflicting. Your help would be appreciated, need a rocket scientist like David who has been to space with his FPV stuff, pretty cool.

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SMA has a pin in the connector with the threads on the inside

SMA-RP has a pin in the part with threads on the outside.

No electrical difference.

You can adapt either way without consequence BUT make sure the antenna is made for the frequency you are using.
Few are marked and without expensive equipment there is no way to tell if not marked.

One indicator of an antenna frequency mismatch would be a transmitter that overheats severely. This WILL damage it.

As usual Google is your friend:

The fog is clearing.


That helps, but their confused too, they corrected the identification. It seems more like a mechanical match and not an electrical polarity issue. A female with a pin and a male with a socket, someone needs to rethink anatomy. I can now proceed with my project with confidence, thanks for clearing the fog.