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small motors?


Toothpick glider kid
It depends on what you would want that wing to do, if you're looking for speed you would want a different motor than if you just want a slow park flier.

If you want a less powerful motor that would be good with a 5" or 6"X4.5 prop and not too much speed this would be the motor I recommend. It still has enough power with a 3s to have some fun but I would recommend this motor over the latter for a beginner.

Now if you like speed there are a lot of motor options out there for you, this is one I have used in the past and has A TON of power, I got mine on sale at the Toledo show last year for $7, unfortunately they are not running that sale online but the motor is still just as spicy.

If you want to do some motor research of your own to find the best motor for you I would say that any miniquad motor would work, just make sure that your ESC can handle it and that your ESC has a built in BEC for convenience in powering your receiver.

If you have any more questions, or need any clarifications don't be afraid to ask! Most of us don't bite...


Toothpick glider kid
Yes but I just realized that motor doesn't have bullet connectors on it so you would have to solder the wires together from the ESC to the motor.
If you can send me a link to the esc I can find a motor that has the same bullet connectors (if the esc has them, if it does not then disregard what I just said)