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Small versions

Hi FT addicts! :D

I saw a small, dark-grey version of a FT Flyer in one of the official videos, but can't find which one was it :( but I fall in love with that mini-flyer.

Now, everytime I go for a walk with the dog, there is a place next to my home with only some lampposts and no traffic, with houses not closer than 50 meters, so a small flyer would be really funny there, zig-zaging through the posts.

I wonder ... how much have we been able to cut down the size in the swappable series?:rolleyes: 75% ... any close to 50%? I guess the Flyer would be more addecuate for that place + my inexperience.

I'd love to know if that close-to-50% Flyer would really fly, and which electronics should it carry on (22mm motor, 6x3 prop, smallest possible Lipo, etc).

Thank you guys! Hope you enjoy FliteFest :D
Try it out. Smallest I've done so far is 80%, though I have a 9" Nutball with micro electronics in the worse. I've built an 80% mustang and an 80% Versa. I've only flown the Versa so far. The main problem I see with scaling down plans is that you're making wing are much smaller, yet the foam board is still the same thickness, so these models may be a tad on the heavy side for their smaller power systems. But if you have enough power, anything will fly, so good luck.
Build a full size FT Flyer and fly it in a big field a couple of times, then you should be able to fly it in a smaller space. 50m is a nice radius. If you put the small motor and battery on an FT you should be able to float it around. If you are feeling lazy, I would highly recommend a Horizon Hobby Duet. They are super easy to learn on, and they can be flown in a relatively small space. And they are only $60. Otherwise, the full size FT Flyer can high alpha very well, and I usually fly them in a small (50m x 50m) area on a regular basis.
Just remember Bixler and J. Scott have both flown the FT Flyer indoors. Some of the flights are better than others...