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Snoopy’s Doghouse (trying again)

How many motors?

  • Single motor (could have torque issues) (power pack c equivalent)

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4s mini mustang
Well, as the title says, this is my thread to document my future attempts at making snoopy’s doghouse fly. I tried it once before for FTFC 2019, but it never left doublecad. Anyways, I got back to it yesterday and I now have a paper mockup. Next step is to design the interior and make it in foam. Also, it won’t fly for a while since I don’t have any more electronics and I should probably finish my other projects first. Anyways, here is the mini paper model that I just made to verify the dimensions. What do you guys think? Should I change anything? Just tell me and I can change it if needed. Also, the glue stick is just there to keep it standing straight.
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