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Snow Crashes

I'm a big fan of how crashes look in some fresh uncharted snow. It's almost as though you can see the crash unfold - the impact marks and debris everywhere paints a great picture. Who's got some good aftermath shots of snow crashes?!

I'll start with the end of my buddy's 2nd Eflite LR-1A Pogo. If I remember correctly, he said he tried to recover from a stall by giving it full throttle and he thinks a servo stripped or something let loose when attempting to pull out. So full throttle into the ground, yikes.

Pogo Damage 1.jpg Pogo Damage.jpg


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Yeah I love those pictures too!

They almost give you the "path" or the way the crash happens just like footprints tell you, were you came from.
We've got some snow on the ground now here in Minnesota. Haven't done hardly any flying yet, however.
I've got a "Trans Mitt" glove for the cold weather coming soon, so I'm sure there will be much more winter flying soon enough for me...and of course much more winter crashing along with it to show you!