**Sold** FrSky Taranis X9D+, FPV Goggles, & transmitter case

Bought the radio around 4 years ago and it has served me well, but it was time to upgrade, so that's what I did (half the fun I have in this hobby is trying out new stuff). It's the X9D+ with a skin on it. Original Potentiometer gimbals, charger, and NiCD battery, all of which work fine and I never felt the need to modify or upgrade them. The radio does have some signs of wear and has some dirt on it and the antenna mount will occasionally decide to come loose, but that's what you get with a well used radio. I would keep it as a backup/"trainer" radio, but no one I know really seems interested in learning and it's just collecting dust on the shelf. Includes 3D printed radio stand and Gimbal protector. I can reset the radio before shipping if you'd prefer.

FPV goggles are a cheap pair of VR006 goggles. They aren't the greatest, but are fine for ride-alongs or bench testing. They fit nicely in the case with the radio as well. Will include both a "rubber ducky" and circular polarized antenna.

Case is just a basic Turnigy transmitter case.

Asking $125 OBO. Don't be afraid to make on offer, the worst I can do is say no!

PMing me will get the fastest response



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