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Solder Station


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For light soldering it's probably fine. I've found myself often needing something hotter for big wires.
I just had a heck of a time soldering a connector onto my watt meter. I ended up with a propane unit and was able to get it done.


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I went ahead and pulled the trigger on this and a pack of four tips for $28 shipped...I have a high dollar Weller at work and wanted something casual for home so I don't have to keep running back to work to solder stuff.


More combat please...
Hahahaha- no but the wire is a heavier gauge than most of my battery packs. I've been able to use a 40 watt for almost everything else including soldering xt60 plugs onto batteries and ESCs. Maybe I'll post a mini review on my blog... spent 15 bucks on it. (and three or four bucks for the propane.
I own one....it does the job. Handles the XT60 easily.... It has a 6mm changable tip. If you are a beginner, you dont need anything better...


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I use Dremel VersaTip propane soldering iron/torch. I love almost everything about:
- you can use it in field
- gets hot really fast
- you can solder everything from precise electronics to bigger things like power connectors
- comes with various tips like cutting tip - very usefull for working with foam
- it's light and has no wire!

BUT one thing is disappointing - there's hot air outlet on the soldering tip (most gas soldering irons have it), and it's very easy to burn yourself if you're not careful enough and it also means - it's not very usefull for soldering electronics without removing it from foam planes...


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Without that disadvantage you could take all your tools with you to the field and also be able the repair almost everything.

The fact that it heats up quickly as well is very nice as I hate waiting for my solder station to power up and get to the temperature needed.