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Solving the parkjet problem. Twin tractor Polaris?


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I ve built so many parkjets and I have had 3 different iteration of the Polaris. Don't get me wrong they're all great but I have a few things that I want to improve on parkjets and the Polaris specifically as I love its versatility

Parkjets are loud for the most part.
Torque roll is real
Strong rudder authority is rare.

As for the polaris / skipper

High alpha wing waggle
High alpha dirty air for motor

The Polaris has a great take off and landing ability and its decently quiet because of the tractor configuration

I am going to try to make a twin tractor version that would allow only two servos and two motors for a full control and hopefully more quiet parkjet.

This first version will be a proof of concept: it will be small use micro motors and be sort of a quick and dirty build.

I wanted to document this and hopefully it will be a success.

Its time for the next evolution of parkjets

Picture and build log to follow



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I like your train of thought and goals. Have you seen this project, https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/sho...th-differential-thrust-Ultrix-XL-and-Ultrafly, in another forum?

I haven't seen this particular build. Twin tractor delta s have been around for a while. The delta ray and this new ultrix are an inspiration for sure. Trying to merge that with the Polaris is the goal.

Another goal is to have something that can high alpha well... The Polaris had some waggle which wasn't terrible but I have a few ideas to fix it.